Fórum Popular de Saúde do Estado de São Paulo

Fórum Popular de Saúde do Estado de São Paulo


FIFA is the owner of the World Cup, and Brazil is going to host it in 2014. Yet, it is not the result of the country’s development, but of the defeat of the rights of Brazilian citizens. The June 2013 demonstrations clearly showed what Brazilians have already grasped: The billions of reals being spent on building stadiums do not improve people’s standards of living. As a matter of fact, this money is taken from public funds supposed to be allocated to guarantee people’s social rights, not to mention the risk of corruption.

But the June 2013 demonstrations were only the beginning of what is still to be seen. Through engaging in such and many struggles, the people of Brazil, as well as the movements and the masses of outraged people who want to change reality, are unveiling that Brazilians cannot accept that the country host the World Cup or the Olympics. Not before strengthening social rights (Health Care, Education, Housing, Transport System, among others). This means that ‘No World Cup in Brazil without Social Rights’ should be the slogan of our fight against governments whose role seems to be only benefiting profit-making businesses. Who asked Brazilian citizens if they want to host the World Cup? The power of the people will prevail!

This manifesto is not only a way of showing that our suffering people, many of whom deprived to live a dignified and secure life, are able to go against interests that make Brazil the land of bread and circuses (more circuses than bread, indeed). Our proposal goes beyond that. The manifesto explains the role of popular uprising, and shows that the only avenue Brazilian citizens can take under such an authoritarian and oppressive Government is the collective bargaining through insurgencies. We intend to stop the World Cup to show people in Brazil and worldwide that the grassroots power doesn’t want it! Our manifesto is a campaign for people, against the interests of profit and of those who want to systematically turn everything into commodities.
This is a campaign against those who daily bargain our rights as if they were mere goods being negotiated in the so-called political and democratic system.
The political authorities stated that it is impossible to meet the claims of the demonstrations for the revocation of the increase in bus fares. However, the grassroots power on the streets showed us people can change, claim and pursue impossible realities. Even so, some will say “this is impossible”! Then, we will reply “The impossible happens”.

“Power to the people
power to the people
and the power to the people
is going to make a new world”

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